Abhyanga (Self Oil Massage) – Ayurvedic oils are mostly made of sesame seed base but not all. Some are made with coconut oil. You can use a variety of skin oils but the right Ayurvedic oil will depend on your nature and dosha (see Resource Tab to learn about doshas) to include a blend of oils and herbs your skin may require for the season.  


Once you have an Ayurvedic Oil, apply the oil the with an Abhyanga massage movement which is to apply the oil up towards the heart.  Suggest starting from hands and up the arm and feet up to the legs/hips. Core of body to the heart.  Take your time.  You can also apply the oil to your hair and scalp. The process of this massage is an act of self-care and love.  

Some like to apply the oil and then shower and some like to do after shower and let it dry.