Sleeping Tips:

Many are suffering from lack of sleep and especially having natural long REM sleep.  Many are doing so much that we are trying to operate with less sleep than our body needs.  Additionally we push past our biological clocks and exhaust ourselves with hard exercise because we think we will sleep better from this. We take in more sugar to keep ourselves up during the day and then up late at night. Then we start down the long term trail of being irritated, angry and unhealthy.   Many report having problems remaining asleep as well.

On the flip side if you are sleeping well you become nicer to be around, will be calmer, nicer and others like it.  You can think clearly and experience health benefits. So if you won’t listen to your body – please listen to others who would like you to sleep more!  

The Western Culture often shames us for taking naps but in the Ayurvedic science they encourage a 10 to 15 minute nap after your meal; especially lunch which is supposed to be your largest meal. Lay on the left side and it will help your digestive system and internal organs.

Other suggestions to sleeping well would be examining your diet and lifestyle choices.  Limit alcohol, caffeine and sodas.  About an hour before you want to be asleep (ideal time is 10pm), turn off the computer, phones, and TV.  The blue-light coming from the electronics is sending signals to your brain to stay up.  Start to turn lights down and even having things like oils or candles with certain scents will help the body to relax.   Making a cup of warm milk with turmeric and ginger will help your body get ready for sleep.

Other suggestions are before you go to sleep take a calm bath or read a book. Make sure the book is not one that will be too stimulating to the mind/body.

Once you are ready to go to sleep, if your mind is worried or concerned you will lay there anxious and let your thoughts keep you up.  So start first by examining your thoughts- being aware of it.  You have to notice something before you can change it.  There are many techniques of body scan, imagery, and watching the breath.  Yoga Nidra for example will help.

Another helpful tool when you are having problems sleeping is imagining breathing side to side in your body. Imagine the breath traveling up the left side and then down the right. Up the right and down the left. Repeat. As you notice other thoughts keep bringing your awareness there and simply start over.  Gently bring yourself back to the breath.   Up left, down right….In a short time you’ll be off sleeping.

Ayurvedic science suggest getting to bed at 10pm.  Western science supports the idea that the most restorative time of sleep is between 10pm and 2am to cleanse the body and feel complete.

May you sleep “Unlike A Baby!”  (all night long!).

Sadie setting the example

Sadie setting the example