Maria - 8 months pregnant in picture. We just happened to wear some shirts that I felt rocked some important messages together “Blessed Homie” (2019)

Maria - 8 months pregnant in picture. We just happened to wear some shirts that I felt rocked some important messages together “Blessed Homie” (2019)

“I came to Paiges prenatal yoga early on and even had her come teach my husband and I for a private child birthing class. First time I came to her class I was hooked. I didn’t know prenatal yoga could be as fun as my Zoomba class. I am about to deliver and shared with the new students coming to her class that it has been an amazing experience. She has been so supportive and I learned so much.” Maria

“Dear, Paige, Thank you so much for everything this yoga session. You have made such a huge difference for me in both my yoga practice and in my mental health while pregnant. I hope to continue learning under your guidance.” Ainsley Card received (third baby!)


"After making us wait 15 days past his due date, Michael arrived on April 12!  It was a wonderful experience.  Nate and I were great partners through a relatively quick labor.  Contractions started at 2ambut were inconsistent...Nate and I walked for 90 minutes, the contractions got much stronger and closer together, and we went to the hospital at 2pm.  For the next 2 hours I had lots of short, intense contractions... He handled all of my weight as I squatted against him.  Then they set up a bar for me at the end of the bed.  I leaned back against the end of the bed, hung on to the bar above me, and squatted low.  I ended up giving birth to Michael in a standing/squatting position at 4:23pm--pretty fast!  It was incredible. The yoga class was helpful throughout the winter that I took with you as a way to connect with other women and myself and my baby.  It was also helpful as I thought about being grounded, being strong, being present.  And the partner class you did for me and Nate helped us both remember how much we can depend on each other in difficult moments, and how simple words of encouragement or thanks make a big difference. Thank you for your help!  ---  Katie"

"Hello, Scott and I are thrilled to announce the arrival of Talia Judith who was born February 16, at 6:11pm following a speedy and lovely delivery. The whole family is doing great. She weighs 6lbs, 3 oz, and measures 18.5 inches. We are overjoyed and hope you'll get to meet her soon! With love, Rachel and Scott"

"Hi Paige, our son Samuel was born yesterday!  He is healthy as so is Lais.  She was in labor for close to 22 hours and he was stuck so they had to perform a C-Section.  All your great yoga techniques helped us both during the labor, as we had to make some decisions."  Luke

Snow Blizzard Babies! "Ben and I are beyond happy to announce the arrival of John and Sora (twins), born Jan 21, 2016 weighing 5 pounds 10 ounces and 5 pounds 2 ounces. Our blizzard babies are doing great and we are overwhelmed with love for them."  Marine and Ben

Year 2015:

"Hi Paige, I hope you have been doing well :). I wanted to let you know that I gave birth to my son Teddy 3 weeks ago yesterday! I had been coming to the Sunday prenatal yoga class since the start of my second trimester. I had a pretty good labor -- about 8 hours from start to finish. I attended my last prenatal yoga class on Sunday, April 26. On Monday, my mom and I went out to lunch in DuPont Circle and walked around quite a bit to go shopping and enjoy the afternoon. Later that night, the baby was very active and I was having a lot of Braxton hicks contractions. I started to have mild cramps around 10:30 pm that got stronger. After I changed positions and got up and walked around a bit, it was clear that the cramps weren't going away and it was labor. So, Don and I woke up my mom to let her know that we were heading to the hospital and she was in charge of our older son Daniel. I was advised not to wait around once I went into labor because my labor with Daniel was only 6 hours long.

We arrived at Sibley around midnight and got right into a delivery room. I was 2 cm dilated but the contractions were coming quickly. I labored without pain meds until 2:45 am. I tried to use some of the yoga breathing but I mainly stayed in bed. I didn't use any different labor positions because I was feeling ok in bed and I knew that I would have a quick labor. I got my epidural at 2:45. It definitely relaxed me and I rested after it took effect. I was fully dilated by 5:30 or so but the baby hadn't descended enough so I rested some more. My OB asked me to start pushing around 6:30 or so and Teddy was born at 6:47 am 😀. They said I only pushed for 10 min or so! Teddy weighed in at 8lbs 15 oz (!) and 20.5 in long.

Special Mothers Day Prenatal Yoga class - group demonstrating circle Tree Pose (2015)

Special Mothers Day Prenatal Yoga class - group demonstrating circle Tree Pose (2015)

I found that the yoga practice throughout my pregnancy has been most helpful post-delivery. I am lucky that I had relatively quick labors with both of my pregnancies. But I noticed right away after delivering Teddy how different and better I felt compared to how I felt after Daniel was born. All the things you dread after delivering (sitting down, anything using the pelvic floor) were a lot easier than I remembered from my first pregnancy. I know some people say your body 'remembers' what to do and that the second delivery is easier, but I really credit the yoga with how much better I have felt this time around. With the strength I gained through yoga practice, I have recovered a lot faster. I felt like myself again after a week or so.

Teddy is a chow hound so I am at home breastfeeding for most of the day. He was 8 lbs 1 oz when we left the hospital but he has gained... wait for it... 3 lbs since coming home!! I am looking forward to coming back to the studio for Mommy and Me classes when we hit 6 weeks. For now we go out for walks in the neighborhood about every other day, but I am looking forward to getting back into class. Thank you again for all of your guidance in yoga throughout my pregnancy. I really enjoyed prenatal yoga and will miss that as my Sunday morning ritual. Take care, Laura”

Year 2014:

November 8th: "Hi Paige! Just wanted to let you know that I will not be coming to the prenatal classes! We had our baby girl early this morning! Sofia Madelene is a healthy 6lb 14 ounce baby with a full head of awesome black hair! I was able to use some of our yoga focusing/breathing techniques during the very long delivery. I was induced a week early because of the diabetes and ended up needing an epidural but definitely it started wearing out during the 3.5 hours of pushing!!. Thanks again for the wonderful classes and support these last 7 months and hope to be able to take another of your classes soon!" Michelle


 I am 38 years old and as such, have been seeing a high risk doc in addition to the standard OB visits. While at a "routine" visit to the high risk doc, they had me hooked up to a fetal heart monitor and I just started to get the feeling something about this visit was different- the staff was just moving around a lot and poking their heads in. They quickly told me the baby's heart rate had decelerated for longer than they are comfortable with (it had come back up) and the high risk doc and my OB had already talked. Since I was 37 weeks and there is a higher risk for stillbirth with my age, they wanted to induce that afternoon. Off to delivery I went!

They just observed me while the hubby made it over from work. My biggest thing was getting him over there, although I did wonder how things were going to be since I didn't have my bag or the baby's bag. The OB came in and commented that I was already having contractions (which I didn't feel at all… AT THAT POINT) and almost 3 centimeter's dilated, so my body was working on something. They decided to help it along with a "wiff"Pitocin and an unceremonious breaking of the water. Things rolled pretty quick after in addition to a "SURPRISE: INDUCTION!" I had a surprisingly quick labor- 6 hours. Since the labor ward was popular that night, I had to wait a little for the epidural… at this point, the pre-natal Yoga mantra of "this isn't going to last forever" was pretty key for me. We quickly moved onto pushing and I learned that there was a technique for pushing; it may sound silly for someone to find out about in the delivery room but it was not covered in birthing class and neither hubby nor I thought to ask the question. The nurse explained it and we were all pushing along well when little man decided to pull his "let's decelerate my heart rate" trick again and the team stepped up into overdrive. The doc pulled with the vacuum and I pushed as hard as I could. AJ was born at 9.50pm and clocked in at 6 lbs 12 oz. He was, thankfully, completely fine.

My impression is that hospital stays get kind of a bum rap. I LOVED mine! At Inova Alexandria, all the nurses get breast-feeding training. Even though I attend breastfeeding class, it was pretty nice to have a nurse help me at at 1100 pm Friday night. The bags were no big deal: the hospital kitted little AJ out and everything I needed was in the room, to include everything possible for "peri-care," a toothbrush, toothpaste, soap and a towel (tip: if you don't have shampoo, borrow some the baby shampoo they use to bath the baby). The hospital gown has a modularity that made breastfeeding easier. It was also educational to watch the nurses handle little AJ and both hubby and me, who had helped with infant siblings in the past and attended baby care class, absolutely picked up valuable tips. Also important is for those first two days that you are trying to get squarely tracking on the new addition, someone bringing you decent food and then cleaning away the plates when you're done is awesome. You will miss this when you get home.  We are comfy back at the nest and just started to see visitors.  Shawna


"Wanted to share the good news that we had our baby!  The high BP limited some of my options for labor and delivery. I had an amazing progression thru labor and endured 12 hrs before requiring the epidural. Before we induced, my cervix was already completely short / thin and I had dilated 2 cm on my own in the preceding days. I was at 10 cm and head was 0 station when I began pushing (at hour 23!) and after 70 min of pushing, there was no progress. For me, it simply came down to anatomy and geometry. We tried so many possibilities and the nurses (VA Hospital) were both creative and aggressive with me, which I liked. I think that is why I am totally at ease with the c-section that followed.  I remained calm throughout, used many of our mental toughness and pain mgmt techniques you taught. Thom also made up a batch of lavender towels for early stages of labor and eucalyptus towels for active labor. I learned how to focus on smell and let it center me. Plus, I think all the nurses enjoyed the aromatherapy in our room!!

Liddell (baby) weighed in at 8lbs1oz and was 21in long at birth. Thom did an amazing job as an incredibly involved and supportive husband. He did it all with me. All.of.it. Probably much more than he ever expected.  Thanks for all that you were able to do to help me prepare for this unique experience in life. I deeply appreciate the lessons you taught me along the way." Lillian  (Prenatal Student)


"We welcomed our baby girl, Maggie, last Friday! At my last prenatal appointment (39 weeks 2 days) I found out she had turned breech. I wanted to try some alternative methods; to my surprise she turned at the acupuncturist! She was confirmed to be head down . Even though it was different than my original "plan" I decided to induce while she was head down.

She was born just after midnight on Friday morning and arrived in style sunny side up with her cord wrapped tightly around her stomach 3 times. I am so thankful to have her safe in our arms. We had to deviate from our original birth plan, but looking back I think we made the best choices possible and we were reminded that she was in charge of her birth all along, not us. Thank you for all the wonderful exercise and relaxation over the course of my pregnancy, I really enjoyed my Sunday morning "alone" time." Lea


"We had the baby yesterday at 3:30 pm. His name is Michael Thomas and we ended up doing a natural birth which was very cool. We used several of the techniques from the yoga workshops, the low back compression's were amazingly helpful as were the lunges at getting things to move along and progress. He was 9 lbs, 9 oz and is doing great. I know the prenatal yoga helped tremendously in getting us through labor and delivery. Several of the nurses and other medical staff were amazed that I pushed out a large baby naturally and I know the mediation techniques and strength building exercises in yoga helped me to manage the pain and to remain strong through the process.

Thanks again for everything! Your classes have been great and I will miss seeing you every week, if I have #2, I will be back. I will definitely stay in touch and I will send pics soon." - Jessica


"Olivia Athena arrived at 8:52am this morning! She was 7lbs, 11 ounces and absolutely healthy and beautiful. The two of us will probably be going home from the hospital tomorrow." Eleni


"I hope this emails finds you well. I wanted to let you know I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy on April 11th via c section. Emmett was 7lbs. 9oz and 20 inches long. We're doing well. I'm missing yoga and working out and hoping to get back into it once I can start working out again. Thanks so much for your help and support through my pregnancy." Jennie Fay


"I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that my gorgeous baby girl decided to arrive one week early. I went into labor after work on Friday and she arrived Saturday morning.

My husband and I were actually taking a walk when the contractions started and due to your wonderful teachings I was able to breath my way back to the apartment to start the pre-labor process. I did most of the pre-labor at home; getting into the positions you taught me and doing the practiced breathing really got me through those couple hours with the confidence that this wouldn't be as bad as I had assumed. I was in labor for 15 hours and only had to push for 2!

Thank you for all your wonderful advice and great classes throughout my nine months of pregnancy. I always came to class ready to work out for the benefit of myself and my daughter; and always left feeling relaxed, confident, and happy for the rest of the day. You really helped me through my labor. Remind all your prenatal ladies that the "Om" breathing REALLY helps!  Can't wait to try a "mommy and me" class, now! -Kathryn


"Hey Paige! I delivered early! I came to your class on Thursday and was admitted to the hospital on Friday We are doing well, just working on a rhythm. I had a natural delivery so they tell me I can begin slowly moving around and start postpartum exercises as soon as I am home. Thanks for your guidance these last couple months! Shalu"


"Labor was much harder than I expected! As I had hoped, I was able to do the whole thing unmedicated, which was very satisfying and also extremely difficult. Most of the comfort measures and coping mechanisms I had planned on using had to be discarded. Instead of focusing on focal points or things around me I found myself going completely inward instead. The biggest helps for me were the breathing and the strength that I gained from the yoga practice. I used slow counted breath to cope with pain and physical strength allowed me to move around during labor and is helping greatly with recovery now.

Your class was not only incredibly enjoyable but very helpful in coping with changes throughout pregnancy and of course labor itself. Once I've healed I will definitely be using yoga to regain strength and stability. Thanks so much for everything!" Emily


"I wanted to send you a note of thanks and touch base after delivering my daughter last weekend. I was induced 10 days after my due date. I got pitocin in the morning and was fully dialated by the evening. When I started pushing I only pushed for less than an hour before she was born. The nurses kept saying how fast it was and all I could say was that it was all because of all of the yoga I did over the last months. I was able to be in squat positions and on my side holding my own legs which made it much easier.

I am incredibly grateful for all of the guidance and assistance you have provided in the last months to make the birth of my first child such a positive experience. I know I couldn't have done it without all of the yoga.

Please tell the ladies to keep up the yoga and I hope to see you in other classes in a few weeks when we get settled. Many thanks"


“Hi Paige- On Saturday we welcomed Charles Lawrence, 7lbs, 10 oz, 21 inches. The labor process went really quickly for me ( didn't end up needing pitosin), I did get an epidural. But his heart rate kept dropping while pushing so he was delivered via csection, and his cord was wrapped around him so it was the issue. He is healthy and perfect. Thanks for the wonderful yoga instruction, it made a big difference mentally and physically!"  Sara



"Hi Paige - Hope all is well. I plan to return to yoga (flow, not prenatal) soon! I had our son the evening of November 1 (a week before his due date) so have been a little busy with him :) All went well w/the labor and delivery, which I'm really happy about. Will see you soon!"  -Robyn


"Had the baby on Nov 22 at 806 am. We kind of skipped from stage one labor to feeling the need to push! Was scary for a moment when I didn't think we would make it to the hospital. Lucky that we encountered no dc rush hour traffic as we left home around 645, got there around 7 and had the baby after a half hour of official pushing. Crazy. Guess my body was well prepare to open up without the need of heavy contractions.  Hope to see you around!"  Jacquelyn


"I had a baby boy on February 7. I went five days early (and I was sure I was going to go late). Labor was a little less than 24 hours, and I only pushed for 45 minutes. The doctor said doing yoga throughout my pregnancy played a big role in making my delivery so easy, so I thank you for that. I also feel great, lost 2/3 of the weight I had put on and I look like I never had a baby. I attribute this to my yoga practice as well. I can't wait to get back to it. I look forward to postnatal classes. I hope to see you in less than a month, when I can start up my practice again.  I look forward to seeing you soon!"  Jan