Neti Pot & Nasya Oil:  Usually Paige is asked “what is that?” or “I’m scared to use it”.  They have become much more common place and can be found is so many places.

This is an example of Self Care as encouraged in the Ayurvedic Science.  The belief is to take care of the senses to promote good health.  Tongue scraping, rosewater for eyes, Neti and Nasya oils, Abhyanga (Self Oil Massage).  Keep these areas clean and you will promote health.


Simply make a saline; Paige uses regular Sea Salt however you can purchase neti salts if you prefer.  Using warm purified water, add a pinch of sea salt.  The water is not too hot or too cold.  Press the pot up to one side of the nose tight, lean the head a bit forward, tilt the head to the side.  Open the mouth slightly so you breathe.  The saline flows from one nostril to the other and will empty out so hover over a sink or bowl. Fill up with more saline and repeat on the other side.    Simply blow after and watch  and see how you feel.   Amazing how our body actually needs the salt and it helps to flush it out – not just push it up as you do with saline sprays.

Finish off with Nasaya oil (see the direct site for Banyan link) – the oil comes with a drop.  Squeeze the oil into the tube.  Place the tube way back into the nose and release.

There are many neti pot shapes and there are ceramic and plastic neti’s.   Paige has the classic shaped “Lotus design” that has a long neck vs the tea pot shape that is another option.  There are also some for travel that are more like squirt bottles.  The difference is how fast it pours out.   Paige prefers ceramic for the home because it is easier to keep clean – just put in dishwasher.  This is a non-addictive solution so you are able to do it daily. Paige uses it regularly once a day and does twice a day when feeling under the weather.  

Contraindications for Neti and Nasya:

*Active sinus infection or viral/bacterial head cold

*Ear infections

*Recent ear surgery

*Nose bleeds

*Deviated spetum

Consult with your doctor before you start any practices