Rooftop Apartment Yoga 2018 - overlooking DC from Rosslyn (Arlington, VA)

Rooftop Apartment Yoga 2018 - overlooking DC from Rosslyn (Arlington, VA)

Paige has been teaching at several corporate places for a long time. Some are regular classes and others are monthly, semi monthly annually. Corporate spaces are confidential however the industries are Universities, For-Profit and Non-Profit Offices, Apartments, Rehabs (Eating Disorders and Alcohol/Drug abuse), and Hospitals and Senior Living centers.

Yoga, Meditation and other wellness programs have been around for many years; helping people see the world around them more clearly. In the last 50 years Western Science has been witnessing that yoga, meditation and other programs can lower injuries, decrease stress, offer better sleep, help with depression and boost company moral.

Doesn’t that sound like something needed in the work place?

Wellness Mediation Event 2019 for VPs at Hotel Old Town (Alexandria, VA)

Wellness Mediation Event 2019 for VPs at Hotel Old Town (Alexandria, VA)

Some employers view health and wellness programs as a perk or benefit, but that has been shifting over the past 10+ years.  Preventative methods are now seen as a value to the workplace.  Many employers have experienced the cost benefit to their bottom line by offering programs that keep employees healthy, happy and inspire ideas.  

Just consider how much your company will save as employees think clearer, are happier and less sick.  Productivity increases, health care costs are reduced and there is less turnover. 

Not to mention if an employer offers a wellness program they can inform their

health insurance company and receive financial incentives back – saving money. 

“Paige has led several mindfulness and meditation classes at our company. She has helped staff at all levels with techniques to deal with stress and how to incorporate being mindful during and after work. Paige is easy to work with and is able to introduce small changes that make a big impact. We are so grateful to work with her and will continue to partner with Paige to make our organization more efficient and keep our staff healthy and happy!”
— Kelly Burns, HR Manager

Kinds of corporate services

  • Awareness

  • Co-Listening

  • Mindful Movement

  • Wellness & Retreat

  • Yoga

  • Meditation


Contact Directly if you would like more detail, descriptions as well and pricing and availability.

Payment accepted by check, Venmo or PayPal