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Sound Bath Mediation

Recharj, Washington, DC

About this workshop:

During this special event, Paige Lichens will guide you though the vibrations and tones that the Tibetan bowls and gong offer to balance the chakras and relax your body on a deeper level.  You will learn about the chakras as well as the bowls.  When we are in balance, we often feel more fulfilled, peaceful and happy.

Singing bowls produce a harmonization, vibration and tones that offer balance to ourselves with the use of sound frequency.  The bowls transmit soothing and peaceful vibrations known to have healing qualities.  The vibrations and tones bring the individual to a state of consciousness and awareness that have an effect on the nervous and immune system.

How will the bowls make me feel?   Some experience relaxing on a deep physical and mental state.  Others experience sensations of floating.  This experience can unblock any energetic and physical obstructions to offer deep healing.  The vibrations and tones of the bowls correlate with the 7 chakras which emit a natural balancing effects.

We invite you to allow yourself this time to bathe in the sounds of the bowls.  Sit or layback, listen and relax.

Please try and arrive 10 minutes prior to this event to allow yourself enough time to settle in by 2pm.