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Pranayama Basics Workshop

532 Yoga Studio, Alexandria, VA

Learn about yogic breathing called Pranayama.  In this workshop, come join some of those who are part of the Teacher Training Program, where you will learn about practicing and teaching various pranayama techniques. Learn about the anatomy of the breath both physical and energetic.  Even if you have be taught Pranayama before this will be a great way to refresh your understanding.  

Researchers have documented the benefits of a regular practice of deep breathing, which include reduced anxiety and depression, lower blood pressure, increased energy levels, muscle relaxation, and decreased feelings of stress.

We will review some Pranayama covered earlier this year; Dirgha (Three-Part Yogic breath) and Nadi Shodhana (Alternate Nostril Breath).  We will also introduce you to Brahmari (Bubblebee breath), Kapalabhati, Alternate Nostril Kapalabahti, Bhastrika and Anuloma Viloma (Alt. Nostril with a pause).  

You will learn about contraindications and ways to safely teach breath-work in your classes. We will also break out into groups to teach each other as we learn.

Later Event: July 7
Pop Up Yoga Nidra Class