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Recharj, Washington, DC

About this workshop:

Explore the rejuvenating techniques of myofascial release (MFR) in combination with Yin Yoga and Mindfulness meditation that will rebalance your body as we stretch, roll and release using provided balls and your own body weight to relieve tension, tightness & pain. Mindfulness Meditation tools will be used as we hold positions and improve awareness.

MFR is a great way to target specific body parts where pain is stored. Compliment your body this unique way to move energy and release tight fascia. In this playshop we will focus on uses of the balls on the back, abs, hip and legs. We’ll discuss what fascia is, learn more about the Yin Yoga practice and how it is used to help the joints and connective tissues to improve the function of your body.

This 1.5 hour playshop is designed to introduce a few tools to decrease muscle soreness, and combat the wear and tear on the body of the modern lifestyle. No yoga or meditation experience is required.