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Her History

Paige was first introduced to yoga asana in the mid 1990’s.  First saw a yoga video and she also took a college class around 1996 that discussed the health benefits of many eastern practices including yoga. She continued to practice at home until 1998 when she attended a group class. She was working next door to Unity Woods, as an auditor, so decided to attend an Iyengar yoga class. However she didn’t enjoy the experience at that time.  Meditation and movement was a practice early on in her life during the 80’s; as she was taught meditation tools as a way to as a way to connect with her thoughts and emotions as she was a teen living with in an abusive alcoholic home.

Later in life, after a skydiving accident, that broke her back in 2002, she was injured and knew exactly where to return; She returned to Unity Woods in Arlington to help her recover and strengthen her back.  She moved on to exploring other studios and styles and has practiced yoga ever since.

As a teacher she has found her own unique voice that combines her knowledge of awareness into yoga & meditation and enjoys working with many who are new or returning to the practices.

Hospital 2013 VAD that later caused stroke

Hospital 2013 VAD that later caused stroke

In 2013, without any warning, she suffered from a vertebral artery dissection and stroke that changed the direction of her life.  There are many kinds of strokes but hers was from a dissection in the neck that happened spontaneously. It happens to young people and there is no warning and science knows very little about why it happens beyond the fact that the artery walls were weak and they tare; possibly from neck manipulation.  Ever so grateful to her practice she was able to feel the change that occurred and communicate it to the first responders and doctors. She continued applying her yoga experience to the stages of what happens when dealing with injury and trauma.

Always looking to spread the gift of yoga to others, she incorporates a fusion of yoga styles that includes many familiar Western names of Hatha Yoga; such as Kripalu, Ashtanga, Jivamukti, Dharma, Vinyasa, Yin, Sivananda, Iyengar, Yoga Nidra, Svastha. She likes to explore, learn and have fun with yoga.  More about improving function than alignment. Each of us is different and unique; lets celebrate this!

Native Washingtonian. Her Grandfather (WW1 Vet) and Father (Korean War Vet - who also spent 25 years working at the Veterans Administration) were inspirational to her life. Paige grew up just outside of DC in Silver Spring, Maryland and she spent years going to her Fathers office at the VA near the White House. Her Father was part of a small team in the motion picture group who would film movies that helped teach other vets about benefits and Paige also has a small part in a movie they made called “Feelings” ; the movie was focused on helping staff of the VA learn about compassionate ways to respond to difficult situations.

After over 15 years as an accountant and CPA, she later became an accounting recruiter (for 10 years).  In 2015 she left her full time job to pursue teaching yoga, mediation & healing full time after teaching part time for over 6 years.  

Toady she lives with her amazing and loving husband and family of dogs and cat in Alexandria, VA just outside of Washington, DC.   She enjoys yoga, meditation, travel, music concerts, dancing, stand-up-comedy, gardening, walks in nature, reading, family and helping others.

“I don’t teach poses. I teach People”