You say its your birthday!


So here is the thing. I started this blog years ago and my mission was to track my yoga journey.  I simply wanted to share my story and if along the way that helped others that was great.  Finding deep ways to express stories though takes time and I feel at the same time that I don’t have write long dramatic stories.  I want to look back and capture my journey.  So I’m going to start with shorter stories that capture what is going on in my life as a yoga and meditation teacher.  After all I feel that there are so many blessings in the small everyday that can be captured.

For example I’ve been reflecting on the past year.  I started out teaching all over the DC metro area and many styles.  This summer though things have become much more regular.  I love staying put and getting to know those I’m teaching more.  DC can be such an ever changing city and people come and go often.

There are many amazing students but let me start by mentioning one that is on my mind right now.  Heather.   Her neighbor and friend Nancy told her to come not just to yoga but to see me.  She came but was worried because she can’t easily get up and down.  I set up chairs for her and in a short time she didn’t require the help.  Her journey has been amazing and she is becoming much more aware.  Even in the past week alone she has stopped asking me if this was “right”.  She is learning to feel what is right for her and trust herself.  Heather has shared parts of her life and journey including the loss of her husband with me.  We share a common love for our four legged friends (dogs).  Each week now she brings me peaches from the farmers market and it is a great gift to allow someone to give and to accept it with love.  We walked to our cars the other day and she told me her daughter is coming into town and she wants her to meet me.  So I’m honored and excited for that to happen soon.

So sometimes the journey goes full circle.  We give and without even asking it comes back to you.  In watching her I too have learned so much.  We laugh and enjoy the journey as it is now.  Not worried about the future.  Now is enough.

Today I turn 47 and I am so excited about it.  More than I could have imagined.  All the good and bad in my life got me here and I’m proud to say that today I’m better than I have ever been.  I’m glad for those I know in my life, I feel strong and healthy.  I love my family and friends – who are forever in my heart.