Intention – Its time!


There is a saying “You have a better chance of hitting your target if you aim for it”.  Which brings me to the word “Intention”.  Often confused for a wish.  Totally different though.  I can hope or wish for something but I have a better chance of making something happen if I really aim for it; know I’m going to make it happen.

This has helped me in all aspects of my life.  There are going to be times where life hands you a tough situation and right there you have to remind yourself of your intention and get moving.  Whether I was putting myself through college, becoming a CPA or when I changed my career to a recruiter I used tools.   You are given the project and of course you want it to come out well, but then you need to make it your intension.  I would set up steps to achieve the destination; knowing not only the “to-do” but I would go to my calendar and put the actual time and space for each step.   I remember doing this for the CPA exam.  I knew the date of the exam and I would go to the calendar and mark out chapters to study and review.  Setting up times as well to rest and not study.  So I could look at it on the calendar and see if it was reasonable. Attainable and realistic.

I remember when I started practicing yoga and the teacher would suggest at the beginning of class “now set your intention”.   Now I understand that I was really wishing.  “I hope I can be patient.” “I really would like to master headstand”.   Nobody can pick you intention however your heart is different than you head.  We know what we need verses what we want.  Our ego gets in the way all the time.

Yet knowing and doing is different.  In our hearts we know what is and then we have worry, doubt and fear that appear and that is when hope will loose. But intention will just find a way to get back up again, keep going and not be stopped.

Therefore when trying to do something new and change a habit you need to be realistic with it.  Just like brushing your teeth when you were little, you were probably told to go and brush – it is time.  Then a time came where you started to do it on your own.  Then if you missed it you may have felt or experienced the difference.  Some returned back to brushing and some didn’t and found themselves at the dentist with problems.

So how do we do things we know are healthy but aren’t habits yet?  Just like the brushing teeth example, there are steps and I suggest that if you are trying something new that you find a tool to remind you it is “time”.  I’m not suggesting yoga and meditation be your intention though.  For some walking, painting or reading a book is often healing.  I do suggest go to your calendar and put your intention down as an appointment.  I often set up other appointments like “Start to get ready for yoga” about an hour before the appointment.  This way I can wrap up things and get ready for the appointment.  I change it from wish to I’m going to make this appointment.  My attitude to this changes.

After a while I won’t need this appointment reminder.  I also use my calendar to manage downtime.  I’ll put down “Don’t book an appointment here”. Now I know that the unexpected comes up and emergencies come up.  Which is why I leave gaps and space in the schedule as well.  So lets say you have an emergency pop up – you may have time to move the appointment to later in the day.   You may even want to book some of your “To-Dos” on the calendar.  Time for groceries, cleaning or paying bills.  You can also set up different calendars – ones for work, family and chores and look at them together or one their own. Now you don’t have to leave to remember to do things – they are there to remind you “its time” to do them.

Now I know you are already tired and that what I’m suggesting takes time.  Not tons, but does take time.  But this is time management technique I’m talking about.  It will actually give you time, not take away from it.

Which brings me to the next point…excuses.  Lets consider thinking of life in 4 quadrants.  First is dealing with emergencies and responding.  The second is tackling the “To-dos” and daily tasks.  The third is the goals and time planning.  The fourth is the be in peace, rest and bliss; for some this is going to Church/Temple, charity work, hanging out with friends, yoga/meditation, or dinner with family.   Many simply live in the first quadrant though and we use excuses like “I don’t have time” to ignore the other quadrants.  Always reacting, fixing and being lead by emergencies. Or things we think are emergencies.  Really –  that Facebook news was important to respond too right now?   Don’t blame yourself you are not alone.  There is an increase in stress and anxiety in todays society in the West and we blame the tools but really it was our choice. Even here I have to set my intention. If I’m in my 2nd quadrant time, lets say writing my blog report,  I will put my phone and social tools away.  After all you can turn them off.  Remain focused.  I use the 3rd quadrant for the planning of my calendar and time management time.  Yoga, meditation, concerts and family time for the 4th.  Finding balance in all of them is hard and if you feel overwhelmed you need to consider there is time, stop making excuses and see that you are out of balance.  This isn’t helping you or others at all.

Overtime you may not need to do this time scheduling.  You start to get it.  You know that you need healthy practices to feel good and even on the days where you feel tired or stressed you know that is the day you need it the most.  My husband has gotten used to looking at my calendar and seeing appointments – things that aren’t really places I have to be but just my way of saying “Its time”.  I’ve been using this technique for over 25 years now and I still use it.

Lastly there is a time to listen to yourself and it is ok to miss your appointment. That ok – you can move that appointment and get back on track tomorrow. Be aware of what you need right now.  The calendar is there just to remind you.  You have to see if you are making excuses or really need to stop and take care of yourself.

I hope this helps you hit more targets in your life!


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