Time for change

If you are reading this you already know that I’m using a new format for my blog. I have long wanted to use a webpage for my resource information but the time, cost and undertaking was a lot to do. When I recently did transfer my domain (thanks to my husbands help) and spent over 30 hours and $200 to get this complete it wasn’t at an easy time in my life either.

I have also decided to go back to school. Another one of my goals wasn’t just getting another training in yoga but the appeal to get my masters is something I have wanted to complete. I found a program at MUIH that does this that isn’t far from my home so I’m lucky. Still going back to school after being away from it for over 20 years is scary. Lots has changed and so much done on-line. I had so many steps to complete that at times it was overwhelming. My counselor Matt laughs because he says I’m so far ahead in the process and he totally understands my need to have things lined up since I teach workshops and schedule items over six months away.

Fortunately in the past week so much got completed. Financial aid, loans, registrations, books and then the completion of my webpage. Husband and I scheduled our beach trip and found a great condo to rent to take the dogs for a week. This of course also meant finding subs but this is complete now as well.

Of course all this and other things happened too. A rehab I work for lost all my background and drug/test forms from a year ago and I had to do it all over again. I waited over 2 hours for a drug test which was just crazy to ask someone to wait to pee in a cup and hold that long. Another new place I’m going to be working at needs TB test and other shots and then with new places I’m about to work at they also require insurance be listed with their name. One afternoon while I was getting my insurance updated the young man on the phone misspelled “Inova” Hospital not only once but three times. Each time I had to call back till I had it fixed.

Patience. I am ok with saying I work on this one a lot. Sure much of what I mentioned I didn’t have to do. I could just say “no”. But these were all changes I was happy to see in my career as well. It just took a lot of patience to get there.

I’ve been so hot and irritated lately. Humidity and DC weather doesn’t help. I have found myself writing down a lot and trying to let my To-Do’s be on the list and not feel overwhelmed with it all. Slowly and calming working a bit each day. Then stop. Get cool. Rosewater and Coconut Oil keep me cool and using it so I don’t find myself snapping at those around me. My calendar is my saving grace. I put in notes for things to remember all the time. Just because I’m concerned I will forget things like asking for a sub at least two weeks before I need it.

Anyway I did want to put up a post here that kind of explained the changes and why I haven’t posted in a while. I hope you will look over my new webpage and my intension is to have it be a place where I can refer people to things I mention in my life and classes that may be of use to you.

May you stay calm and cool yourself this summer!