More than Flow

Imagine if you woke up each day and only ate pizza. Breakfast, noon and night. The body would not perform well. Your mind and body would start to respond to this. You would be tired, moody, restless, unable to think well and many other serious issues would start to happen. We need balance in our life and body. This is from everything we do.

So yoga is no different and yet here in the Washington, DC area so many still don’t know this. I am constantly explaining the word Yoga because so many associate it with Asana Yoga (poses or movement) and most times more vinyasa or flow. I will ask those new with me “Do you know what kinds of yoga you have practiced in the past”. Most times I get looks like “What do you mean - there are more than one style”.

YES there are many styles and that is really all you have to remember. Many aren’t interested in going into the various kinds and history. So just remember that just like eating food there are many out there and you don’t have to stick with the same thing. You don’t have to choose a favorite.

I say this because I was doing some research on the variety offered at yoga studios in the DC metro area. Many who even claim they offer variety still only offer a gentle, yin or restorative a couple times a week. Do we really think that is diverse? I have mentioned this to studios only to be told they are already having a yin class that day so they wouldn’t want to offer it again. Fine but can you please explain to me why it is ok then to offer back to back flow classes then? Sometimes that is the only style offered all day. Some studios don’t ever offer a restorative yoga class at all. What they will say is the clients don’t come. Although that may be true they aren’t coming because the style they need isn’t offered enough though.

I teach all the styles and I am not putting down movement but we need balance. This isn’t the case all over though. I saw studios in NYC who offer a restorative yoga every night. As if that was just commonplace. In DC though I can’t find studios who will offer a restorative yoga at lunchtime which is just when I think so many could use it. Or an afternoon gentle that would be perfect for someone coming from a day at the office desk Or a Yin at 7pm would be perfect right after the flow classes to balance out the practice and body and maybe some who were at one class would stick around for a double.

Doesn’t having variety make sense for a business too offer? I am not hear to teach those how to run a businesses and I’m not going to run a yoga studio. I placed my intensions in a different direction is all. But I do wonder why we can’t seem to learn this. I just wanted to put this out there because if you want a certain classes you need to speak up and say something.

Writing the studios and sometimes more than once to express your desire may help. I don’t write this for me. This is for You - the client and paying customer. You have a right to receive a balanced practice in yoga and one that offers you diversity and a feeling of being heard. You also should feel represented and included with your age, body type and needs. Please take action if you agree to any part of this message, please ask for more balance in schedules.

Hope this helps.