Labor Day week 2016


I’ll admit it… August was a busy month for me.  I found myself subbing for many and some emergencies.  So I overdid it a bit.  I quickly saw that I would be busy every day in the month so didn’t do much else to maintain my health.  I taught in some new places and instead of worrying about what I had to do all day I just focused on now.  Just focus on the person there.

I think when you first start teaching you have a lot to learn so the first thing you do is quote what others have told you.  Something happens though along the way that lets you sprout out on your own.  The past year especially teaching full time I found my own voice – as they call it.  I can’t recall each sequence or what I said – I just let it rise and then let it go. I trust that when I speak from my heart it will come back with something helpful and useful to the person I’m teaching.

This past week I found several students express that there is something in the environment in my classes that makes them return.  That isn’t just me alone but the credit to all there.  I encourage everyone to greet each other, say “hi” and make eye contact which is a big deal in a busy city like DC.  But this is important to share because I think even as teachers we can go about our day, busy in our own thoughts and we need to step aside, show up early, plan and make a space that has a feeling and environment that is safe, peaceful and comfortable for those we teach.   We need to stick around after to be there for those we teach as well.  I love coming 10 to 15 min early – talk to the front desk, get to know students, take a tempter of the energy coming into class.  I love talking after to see how each student is feeling – even if it is just a smile.   I may have a plan of what I want to teach before I get there but that may go out the window depending on who is there and the energy.

September changes for my schedule but I have some new classes in meditation and I’m excited to be more regular with my schedule again.  I have some workshops too so I plan to use my downtime from subbing to plan for upcoming events.   Fall is coming and I’m getting ready with new Vata sequences and Mindfulness focus.

Enjoy your week and if you want to reply to me directly or comment feel free. I do read and respond.

May you find peace in your day.