Getting some Zzzz’s


I had someone I was working with for a private mediation class.  He and his wife sat with me and they both were new to meditation.   We sat and started off being still with the eyes open or shut, as I give them their choice, and watch the breath.  In about 30 seconds he started breathing so deep that I could tell he was sleeping.  Sitting up!

As we talked he started telling me he doesn’t have a problem sleeping.  Just staying there. I laughed and told him I could already tell.

I had another student ask me for help sleeping.  It is common these days to have this question pop up.   Either people have a problem getting to sleep or remaining there.  There was an article recently that said people who wake up between the hours of 2 and 4 are considered very smart!  Ok – stop trying to make it sound like this is cool.  Because most of us are very sleep deprived.  We need to learn to listen to what our bodies are telling us.

As I sit with those who are having problems sleeping, I ask them about their habits.  Many sleep with their electronics around them.  Ready to read that all important news flash – look who one Dancing With the Stars!

I offer to them to listen.   Listen because you already do know the answer.   Put it away.  Move it across the room.  Leave it outside the bedroom.  Find ways that you can make change happen.  Then I get excuses.  What if there is an emergency?

I would like to introduce you to the sleep mode on your smart phones.  Most have it.  The option to stop signals from a certain time. Even block calls.   Even the ability to pick which calls are allowed to call you and wake you.  So you no longer have to live with that annoying solicitation call waking you up early Saturday morning.  You are in charge – you pick when you want to be interrupted.

Now though that you are in-charge are you ready to take the challenge?  It is one – because you can’t continue blaming the apps and tools.   All these things out there to make us happier or give us more time.  Yet does it really?  Or is this something deeper – from within?

I have a rule that my phone, computer and TV are off by 10pm and if really tired even earlier.  I tell my family “I hope that if there really is an emergency you know to dial 911”.  Funny thing is I started putting my phone away years ago.  Also I also don’t have my settings to give me news updates as they occur.  I pick when I want to see the news.  I can go days without it.  I find if really big news – someone is bound to tell me. So over stimulation of our mind- we have to decide when to turn it on or off.

The Happiness starts from within.  I heard a great statement along this line:  “Some doors only open from the inside.”  That is you making the decision to find your open door within. Choice is yours.

Now – go try sleeping UN-like a baby.  All night long.  Feels so good!


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