Exciting times….Same Sex Partners in Yoga Classes


Although there is much to be upset with in the world today – politics in the US, the #Metoo reports of harassment, and parts of the world where people are killed for being different -I would like to take this moment to share that I’m glad we can talk about it more.  We can have conversations about it.   I like to say “Knowing often has the capacity to cause change”.  So it starts with seeing.  Identifying and saying it – calling it out and saying “enough”.

I grew up during a time when talking about same sex or gay relationships was something done behind the scenes and not talked about.  “Don’t ask don’t tell”.   During high school in the 80’s we talked about AIDS and so many responded scared and uncertain. Blame and shame took over for facts and compassion.   It must have been a lonely and scary time for so many.

Over a long time those I knew from high school started to come out and be honest with who they are.  Facebook and other media allowed me to stay in touch, see that they were honest about being themselves and then over time I could watch them stop referring to their “partner” and in many cases get married and use the term husband, wife or spouse. I never understood why same sex marriage was such a big deal to legalize.  If someone loves another so much that they want to marry, have legal rights, let them.

I started teaching prenatal yoga 9 years ago and even then I started to watch my language because some who came were those of same sex relationships. We often share in prenatal yoga classes and ask about birthing plans and who may be with them in labor.  But my language changed from assumptions to asking.  This is also because some who come to prenatal may be single as well; Maybe not married.  Maybe doing this on their own.  My language was something I was changing to make space for differences in all relationships.

Fast forward to today; I was teaching prenatal yoga and had a same sex couple who came to class together.  The expecting mother didn’t mind saying “This is my wife and we are expecting our babies in three months”.   I smiled but thought to myself how glad I am that we are living in a time where we can be ourselves.   I am so happy for this couple that they can offer so much love to these babies and support for each other.   To know that the future generation will come into the world without the fear, blame and judgement I was raised in makes me smile.  Education is key to end the hatred and fear.   I may not be able to do much about ALL parts of the world but I can tell you that in my little corner of the world – I’m glad to see that it is changing for the better.

Wanted to share.  Jai!