Doing what you love


I was out an an event the other night and a friend came up to me. I have known her a while but not well.  Still she knows that I have been teaching yoga and meditation full time. She came up to me and asked me a question I have never been asked.  “So how does it feel to do something you love?”

Wow – I wasn’t expecting that one.  Most times I get “how is work” or “how did you make the change”.  But really good question.

As I answered her briefly I suddenly felt a sadness within her.  That really she was not feeling that way herself.  She has taken time off from her work and is physically healing.   She can’t find answers for her hip pain but we discussed possible reasons.  I was more interested in various solutions she hasn’t explored yet.

I asked her what was her reason for looking into PT or yoga and she quickly said she wants to be able to get back to her exercise.   What is that?  “Bootcamp”.

It is really tough for us to identify reasons for our pain.   We may just be looking to get back to doing something without considering it may be the very thing hurting us.  We also may want to earn income that keeps us in the life we know but that too may be hurting us.   All to be examined.

I’m not suggesting that we must get rid of or discard but to improve awareness so we can see if our choices, right now, in the present moment are helping or hurting us.  We can start by making small changes and see how our bodies and minds start to respond; now, days from now and weeks later.  It isn’t an easy solution and we never concur our demons.  We learn to live above them.

One other recommendation I have is to learn to find happiness in the little acts of our day.   Be the reason someone else smiles may be my way of holding a door, telling someone “hello” or just being there for a friend who needs to be heard.

For me my answer to my friends question was “It feels amazing to follow my path and do what I love”  That wasn’t easy to find and I work harder now than I ever have but it doesn’t feel like work when you intension is filled with love, purpose and meaning.