Doctors Orders


So in the past couple of weeks I’ve had many new students come to yoga and meditation and they explained their anxiety, depression and stress.  They told me that their Doctor suggested yoga or meditation.  I was so happy to hear this of course. They also said their doctors tried giving them some techniques in these practices to do at home or suggested  phone apps to use.  Instead the student decided to do some research and ended up there with me.

Although I’m happy that they ended up in the right style and form to help their medical issues I worry that so much of the medical field still has so much to learn about what they are suggesting.  Simply saying “Go to Yoga or Meditation” is too vague.  I wouldn’t suggest an ear doctor to someone with a heart condition. Also I worry that those doctors suggesting these practices are teaching techniques to their patients and I wonder if they have been trained in them and even practice them themselves.

I really wish more doctors would network and get to know the alternative compliment to medicine more and see it beyond just the physical but as another method that helps the emotional and mental sheaths of the healing process. I think we would all be helping the patients more if we worked together vs individually on our own.

I’m so glad that the young students I spoke too trusted their instincts enough to keep searching and found their answers. I’m also glad their doctors could suggest something beyond the regular answer of prescriptions.  Just like a patient who tries self-diagnosis by going to the internet, the same applies to suggesting that as an answer with other healing methods.  Sometimes we need someone who is specialized, educated and licensed in an area.

Meanwhile I will continue to work on breaking down this barrier that keeps us all separated from different areas of healing practices.