Difference clear thinking makes


“What a difference it makes when your head is in the right place” – Lynn, a yoga student I have been teaching for over 2 years, said recently. I had offered her a suggestion of where to place her neck and head in a pose. One slight difference can change a lot. So as soon as said this we all laughed knowing how well her words applied to life.

It can be so hard to know direction to make. Life will send you places where you may react and often hurtful ways. But I have always believed checking to make sure my reaction wasn’t based in fear, doubt, anger or sadness. When I make impulsive choices they usually aren’t helpful. I make better choices when my head is in the right place. From there I can respond with kindness, truth and honesty.

I’ve done this with the little and big things in life. But recently I’ve had this challenge in my job search. I had some unexpected changes in a couple of yoga positions. At the end of 2017 a few contract jobs ended. I had no plan and yet I knew what I wanted to do. I started out teaching in yoga studios or gyms and when I started teaching full time I wanted to expand where I was working. So years ago I set out to make sure that I teach in a variety of places. I also did this because I wanted to be a better teacher and expand my experience to a larger audience.

So once again here I was at a crossroads; knowing what I wanted but it was there for me. Plus I risked making a fast and impulsive decision. Each and every day I had to remind myself to be calm; Wait and let myself be guided to where I will be next. Don’t take short cuts.

Short cuts never work. It takes discipline to trust yourself and stick to it. Do it with truth and honesty with a good intension. Never stealing or blaming.   I know I’m not the only person who took a job that turned out to be wrong. I’ve done it a couple of times in my life. I knew I just wanted out of one place and took another. I took the new job knowing that from the initial start something was wrong. But I still did it. Not long till promises were broken and it wasn’t the place and job I was told it would be. Lastly when you do leave that job there is a backlash from those who are mad you left and want to crush you from ever doing well and rumors are spread. I’ve seen what jealousy does and the only solution I’ve ever held firm too is to learn from it, try not repeating it and that time always reveals truth.

So having been through some tough job journeys I am so careful to listen and be tolerant of the job process ahead of me. So I took my time to find myself where I am now. Taking this new job also meant I had to leave or move around my schedule at other jobs. I had to make a choice and leave some I will miss teaching. This is just something I have to do. I’m so glad I waited because when I agreed to this new position, I somehow knew that all the past jobs, good and bad, lead me to this position. I needed all that had happened to arrive here. So now I find myself teaching at a different kind of rehab to help an entirely different kind of addiction. Of course I landed here. I just couldn’t see it when I was busy holding onto other positions.

I still spread my schedule to various places but it is good to see my entire schedule is spread out just like I wanted it with a healthy combo of places of studios, corporate and rehab. This latest change made me think about going outside my comfort zone as well and pleased that I will have some new places in the summer and autumn where I will teach workshops outside of studios I teach at already.

To the future I look forward to teaching the awareness that comes from practice. I plan on still making mistakes but knowing that I can fall of track and come back – touch back and start over.  That we can all learn to let go of harmful actions we do that hurt ourselves and often backlash with anger towards others. To remember in those times there is always more than one way in life. Remember this when you are faced with being hurt, scared or afraid; find your own solution that isn’t harmful. Be patient and respond clearly.

I heard a story recently about an interview question and I think clearly makes my point. This is my interpretation of the story.  The question was there to see how you solve problems.

“You are driving your car and only have one seat available. You come to a stop and see three people there. One is the person of your dreams. The other is a friend who once saved your life. The other is an elderly person who needs medical help.

Who do you offer the one seat too?”

The person stops thinks about it. Faced with the question proposed but then clearly responds “I get out of the car to sit with the person of my dreams. I hand my car keys to my friend who I trust to take the elder to the hospital.”

A solution is found that is outside the box.