Compassion – from the heart


“Yoga is the Uniting of consciousness in the heart”. I often return to talking, reading and studying the Yoga Sutras. As much as I understand that many first come to the mat for the asana they often stay though for something much more.

When we realize that yoga is more than the physical body and study the Sutras we can take yoga into the rest of our life. Lately I have been drawn to talking about the heart and getting out of our heads and minds; think and move instead from your heart. When you use compassion, love, knowledge and wisdom you will find your choices become clearer in your life. “I abide in my own true nature – joy”.

Schools started the new season for many last week and like many rush hour traffic was increased because of this. I allowed extra time for this though however was almost at work when we were stopped by a school bus for a child boarding the bus. He got on while his mother was taking a picture; obviously it was his first day at school. He took a few steps and she asked him to turn around for another picture. That didn’t work, so she took another. It was at this moment that I was breathing and was trapped in my head and ego – “come on, some of us have to get to work!” Then I shifted my thoughts. Remember your first day of school? How many firsts do we get in life and get to remember them and enjoy? Remember going to school and not knowing what to expect and just being excited? Then I shifted my thoughts to the Mother. She must be hurting and will miss him a lot today. How often will she look at the pictures and send him love? As I watched them part I actually slowed down and thought “take your time” this is much more important. Compassion to their situation.

The fact that they don’t know of my compassion isn’t the point. It isn’t whether we will know them or not, or be recognized or noticed. It is again about getting out of our mind, the ego especially, and making our choices from our heart. It is my choice of how I react, and the mind is funny in how we get trapped into thinking things are a certain way. Thinking from our heart things become clearer and from a different perspective.

This is what Yoga is Uniting – our mind, body and spirit. Do you think it possible to get to a point where each day you could get back to thinking and acting just like a child going to school for the first time ever? No expectations, maybe a little fear, but joy at the unknown? Can you find joy, fun and happiness even in the everyday? Try showing a complete stranger compassion by just saying ‘hello” or offering a homeless person money without knowing what they will do with it. How about offering the person your space in line at the store even though you arrived there first. What about the person in traffic on their cell phone who just cut you off – without judgement – just show them compassion.