Another one bites the dust


Welcome to the new year!  A time for many to let go of the past and move on to the future.

We can get caught in our thoughts.  We start to believe we are what we think.  I will catch this in my own statements that I think are fact and yet is it true? I really like getting to the truth of my statements.

I may say I don’t like spinach but the truth is it means I didn’t like a past experience with it.  I remain stuck in my habits thinking it is a perm truth.   Yet a much more correct statement is to say “I didn’t like my experience with spinach in the past”.

I grew up in a house that didn’t really eat healthy.   My parents idea of  vegetables meant something in the can or frozen.   Often meant the taste for me was bitter or sour.  When I left home I started to try cooking on my own.  In fact one of my tasks to learn was how to make a homemade Thanksgiving dinner.   I started seeing that it not only tasted better but really wasn’t that hard to do.  So over time I learned how to make spinach and learn how to enjoy it.

So why point this out?  Because the new year is often a time that many are going to try to change habits.   Knowing it isn’t enough.   Improving your awareness so you can see your habit and try to find a new pathway to relearn the experience you are having is key.  It isn’t easy and you may need help from others to help point out things you may not see.

May your new year bring you change you are seeking but also expect that to change as well.  Expect this year to have its ups and downs.   It won’t stay that way.   So by expecting it you may be able to just be present with right now.

Happy New Year!