A week away at Kripalu for me


Here as I sit in this big circle on the floor at Kripalu, so many of us sitting close enough to touch and yet we are keeping our distance.  I look out into the room to see who catches my eye.  We bow to each other and I wonder what this week of exploration will be like; this journey will be together and how we will change.    There are those I’m sure I will know more and those I may never know more than from a distance.  Very much like the ocean, our relationships take on different forms.  We experience calmness, storms, even tsunami waves.  Who gets to see that inner layer of who I really am?   When do I ask for help or realize that the answer was always there?  The key is in the door.

As the week ended, the circle closed in and we were hugging each other good-bye as we backed out and into our lives.  Our hearts filled with love, anger, sadness and fear.  Emotions mixed in together and knowing that is what makes life so amazing!  How boring it would be if it didn’t have the mix – kind of like missing an ingredient in a recipe.  You kinda need them all.