A very full year 2016


This was a very full year; full of ups and downs for sure. I had a number of people close to me pass away unexpectedly.  A number of yoga studios close.  One studio closed and wasn’t able to pay me for two months of work so I spent months working extra just to catch up.  Yet the closings opened up some new areas.  I found myself in teacher training on Yoga Nidra and thinking about paths I want to take for 2017.  I finally made it to Yogaville and had an amazing time on retreat there. Of course there was also the disappointment with our Presidential Elections.  Still I have found myself in the healing business and that there are many who need help now more than ever so I’m glad to be able to help.

I finished teaching at some places this past week that I will not be continuing in 2017.   I have new opportunities and it was tough at first to explore them.  I had to let go of where I was to let myself take on something new. Practicing unattachment meant not simply holding onto a class just because I like the students there.   Still it was sad saying good-bye.  I feel I’m relaxing more into the change that happens with my schedule; even more when you have a job like mine.  Each week changes and when I started this journey teaching full time just last year, I kept thinking it would become regular but I really don’t think that is meant happen.  So I just let go of that way of holding onto the hope that it would.

Instead it has been good to remember that I practice yoga with the same idea in mind.  I can live in the fantasy that it will be something someday or I can just be right here.  Truly in the moment.  I found myself just enjoying some of the last classes this past week and knowing that so many shared with me their feedback on how I helped them this year.

Often when I teach I won’t know everyones journey so it was nice to hear how the practice helped them.  One shared with me that her Father died earlier this year and she didn’t want to come to work to talk about it.  She shared that there were days she was so down and depressed  but the idea that she would have yoga in the middle of her day helped her so much. Another student shared with me that her workplace she has been going through so much stress and pressure; she has lost a number of staff and the workload has increased onto her.  Yet the weekly meditation has helped her to focus on staying present.  Lets not focus on what was or what will be.  “This too shall pass.”

While saying goodbye to some I’ve also had some return as well into my life.  One student used to see me at a studio that closed earlier this year.  She tried other studios close to her but found me at another location.  She surprised me with her feedback because I didn’t get the sense she liked my class.  She was always quick to tell me that she just wants the exercise.  Never wants more than an hour.  “I wish you would have us hold plank pose longer”.  “Less meditation please”.  But instead she found that she likes originality more and said that my Sunday class is her gift to herself.

I’m sure I wasn’t able to help everyone I met and I’m sure I’m not everyones’ cup of tea but my intension was just to let the yoga or meditation do its thing.  I’m just a guide and definitely not taking credit for the results but if I can hold that space and help one person find their internal healing nature – then I’m quite happy.

I’m excited to see where 2017 takes me.  I’ve learned that just when I start to worry about my schedule it opens another avenue for me so I toss it up as I’m waiting for God to lead me. Especially with a few open times I have in 2017.  Not worried though – so far it has taken me on an fun ride.  I do hope to travel more and teach and maybe even organize a small retreat.  Lets see what happens.  Just tossing this out into the universe.

May you have a wonderful holiday, new year and I’ll hope our paths cross in the future!  Jai!